Kate Young Headshot

Kate Young
Executive Director

Kate Young’s story is one of passion and building community. She spent her early years growing up on the Peninsula and in Monterey County in California. As she grew older, she developed a desire for adventure and exploration, which led her to pursue higher education in the Pacific Northwest, followed by teaching English as a Second Language in Seattle and Japan and later graduate studies on the East Coast. As part of her graduate program, she worked at St. Joseph’s Social Service Center in New Jersey, where she learned firsthand the significant positive impact community-based social service agencies can have.

Kate’s love for her family and the West Coast ultimately drew her back to California and her Peninsula roots. In 2003, she joined Alta Housing, a Palo Alto-based nonprofit focused on building affordable housing. For the last two decades, she had the opportunity to build Alta Housing’s Resident Services Division from scratch and led a team that provided food security, youth, empowerment, and wellness programs on a weekly basis to nearly 900 low-income households.

Her commitment to supporting the community, especially during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, earned her and her Alta Housing team the well-deserved Angel Award from the Palo Alto Kiwanis Club in 2021. Kate is also a skilled partnership builder, successfully uniting diverse stakeholders around initiatives like DreamCatchers – a program that is closing the opportunity gap for low-income middle school students in the Palo Alto Unified School District.

Kate coaches young students on the six Cs, Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Creativity, Curiosity, and Compassion, which she believes are critical skills in building a connected and peaceful world. Kate’s dedication to ensuring a safe and inclusive environment for everyone, and her strong belief in reciprocal support and equity, make her an invaluable asset in her new role.

On a personal level, Kate is passionate about exploring global culinary history & cuisines, cooking with friends, advocating for effective dyslexia intervention, and Pitbull love. She resides in Redwood City with her husband, son, and Pitbull.

Jaqueline Rueda Headshot
Jaqueline Rueda
Program Associate

Jackie has been a part of the St. Francis Center since 2001. There are some people who are absolutely irreplaceable- Jackie is one of those people!!! She keeps the donation process running smoothly, assists all of the volunteers, and when not at the Center, she is managing all of our low-income apartments. More than that, Jackie is an integral and irreplaceable member of the St. Francis Center family.

Joel Flores Headshot
Joel Flores
Assistant Director of Programs,
Siena Youth Center

Joel Flores was born and raised in the Bay Area and began volunteering at the Siena Youth Center when he was fifteen. After years of service, Joel became a Program Coordinator at SYC until he left to attend the University of Arizona. Having graduated with a dual degree in Philosophy and English Literature, Joel returned to SYC as the Assistant Director with the goal of sharing culturally relevant literature with the youth of the North Fair Oaks community!

Kimberly Carlisle Headshot
Kimberly Carlisle
Elementary School Teacher

Kimberly Carlisle joined the staff at Holy Family School as a kindergarten teacher in 2023. Kimberly is thrilled to be a part of such a strong and supportive community that truly feels like a family.

Kimberly graduated with distinction from the University of Virginia, where she earned a B.A. in English and an M.T. in elementary education. Upon graduating, Kimberly returned home to the Bay Area where she has taught first grade, second grade, 6th grade, and kindergarten.

Kimberly is especially passionate about teaching phonics. She enjoys helping her students develop a love of reading at an early age so that they become confident lifelong readers.

Kimberly and her husband, Colin, welcomed their first child, Austin, in September. Austin enjoys visiting the St. Francis Center, where he receives many cuddles and hugs from the staff and students.

Aurora Thibault Headshot
Aurora Thibault
Business Office

Aurora was born and raised in the Philippines, earning a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, and is a licensed teacher. She lives with her husband and two kids at the Catholic Worker House in Redwood City. Aurora is a Catholic Worker and works with the very poor.

Her older daughter Sophia graduated from Holy Family School and is now in Sacred Heart Prep for high school. Through the tutoring program for parents at Holy Family School, Aurora finished Accounting, Bookkeeping and Payroll Specialist certificates at Cañada College.

Elizabeth Musco Headshot
Elizabeth Musco
Program Coordinator,
Siena Youth Center

Elizabeth Musco was born and raised in Indiana. She stayed in the midwest for college where she attended University of Dayton in Ohio. She graduated from UD with a dual degree in mechanical engineering and dance. Elizabeth moved to Redwood City in 2021 as the DVUSA volunteer at the St. Francis Center and Siena Youth Center. In 2022, she transitioned to Americorps and continued her work as an ESL tutor at SFC and program coordinator at SYC. Elizabeth has found a second home in Redwood City and loves getting to support and work with her students every day. Her interests in 3D printing, engineering, and education show in the various STEAM classes and tutoring programs she helps run.

Tess Rowell Weber Headshot
Tess Rowell Weber
Administrative Assistant
Kathleen Hamilton Headshot
Kathleen Hamilton
Junior High and Religion Teacher,
Holy Family School

Kathleen joined the teaching staff at Holy Family School in 2019, but she has volunteered at the St Francis Center for over a decade for the Christmas Toy Program and some ESL tutoring.  Kathleen had a prior career working with the Cardiac Surgery team at UCSF and Sequoia Hospitals. She then followed her true heart and started teaching Middle School Science at St Raymond Elementary School, Menlo Park for 10 years. She also taught Religious education at St Raymond Church for 15 years.  Kathleen currently teaches both science and religion to all the students at Holy Family School.

Kathleen attended University of California, Los Angeles  (Go Bruins!) with a BS in Neurobiology, and also obtained a Graduate degree from Stanford University (Go Cardinal!).

Kathleen hopes to bring enthusiasm, passion, rigor, and fun to her students. She is astounded and impressed with her students’ love of learning each and every day. She is honored to have the privilege of serving this special community that Sister Christina has formed.

She has lived in the area for many years with her husband and they have raised 3 children and 2 therapy pups together. Kathleen finds herself fortunate to have Faith, Family, and Friends present in her life….and especially Holy Family School.

Dash Holland Headshot
Dash Holland
Junior High Teacher,
Holy Family School

Dash is originally Indianapolis and graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a B.A. in political
science and economics. After his undergraduate studies, Dash moved to Bangalore, India and later New
Jersey while working in consulting.
In 2019, Dash followed a call to become an educator. He returned to the University of Notre Dame and
began his Master of Education. While earning his degree, Dash moved to Oakland and began teaching
Social Studies and English. He completed his masters in 2021 and is grateful to be part of the St. Francis
Center community since 2022.
Dash is passionate about helping students understand the world around them and how they can make a place in it. He is continually impressed and thankful to be part of an environment that focuses on growth while being full of sincere care and support.

Edgar Tenorio Headshot
Edgar Tenorio
Director of Programs,
Siena Youth Center

Edgar Tenorio grew up in the Bay Area, and attended Santa Clara University. There, he studied Biology and Public Health. He first joined Siena Youth Center through the Public Allies Americorps program. He spent two years as the Health and Wellness coordinator, and eventually moved into the Director position. Edgar is passionate about health and education equity, and making sure that the students at Siena Youth Center have access to the resources they deserve.

Sean Vallor M.S. Headshot
Sean Vallor M.S.
Program Counselor,
Siena Youth Center

Sean has a lifelong passion for learning. He began his pilot training at age 13. He went on to get his private pilot’s license at age 17. Sean attended San José State University where he studied Aviation Maintenance Management. Sean worked for a regional airline for 12 years as both a first officer and a captain. In 2012, Sean took a leave from the airlines and began to work at Siena Youth Center as a tutor. Sean found the work with the community to be profoundly meaningful. He decided to change careers and pursue a master’s degree in counseling psychology to serve the community.

Sean has created numerous educational and enrichment programs to expand the opportunities available to youth in the community. He believes strongly in fighting social inequity by providing mentorship, support, and educational experience for youth. Some of the programs that Sean has developed include Pilot’s Academy, Bulldog Surfers, Music Class, Art Class, and Chess Club. Sean heads the Education Department at SYC. He also provides after school tutoring and homework support for students. Sean graduated from Palo Alto University in June with a masters in Counseling Psychology. He is currently working on programs to help address the mental health needs of the community by creating better access to services and support.