The St. Francis Center depends on community volunteers to deliver the wide range of services that we offer our client families. Volunteers help us create a compassionate environment in which all people are treated with dignity and respect.

Our volunteers help us sort clothes and manage our clothing closet, package food, host events, tutor in our ESL and GED programs, and work with our youth at the Siena Youth Center. On occasion, we need volunteers to help us update and renovate our housing units and keep our community gardens in top shape.

Come experience the miracles that take place daily at the St. Francis Center!

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The St. Francis Center is a community hub that provides essential services for people struggling to survive in the local economy and consists of a community of people committed to protecting fundamental human rights, such as access to education, affordable housing, health care, and basic human needs such as food and clothing.

When necessary, the staff, families, and our community of volunteers engage in social advocacy work to protect our neighborhood and the people who call North Fair Oaks home. Recent advocacy campaigns have involved tenant displacements, unfair rent hikes, and sex-related businesses moving into the neighborhood. St. Francis Center chooses to participate in social advocacy campaigns that support human dignity and promote the common good.

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In one of the most affluent communities in America, we find more and more families struggling with the burden of poverty. The St. Francis Center delivers food, clothing and other basic services to thousands of individuals in the Redwood City and Menlo Park area. Your donation empowers us to help these families build better lives and develop into productive individuals.

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