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The Siena Youth Center (SYC) is a cherished non-profit program of the St. Francis Center whose focus is on offering our youth a positive, safe, happy place to become or stay healthy, to interact with others in the community, to receive mentorship, and to provide leadership.

The Center serves youth ages 10-17 and is open Monday-Friday from 2:30pm-9:00pm. However, weekend field trips to broaden the horizons of your youth are very common.

Our families are active agents at Siena Youth Center. Parents participate through our Parent Action Team where they learn how to get involved not only within the center but in their community at large.

The North Fair Oaks Youth Initiative helps the NFO Community and the County of San Mateo. We provide mentorship and tools to empower youth to use their voice, choices, education and leadership to make a positive change in their community!

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Trips for Kids Bulldog Riders Program is a member of Trips for Kids® International, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based in Marin County, California whose mission is to use bicycles as a vehicle for lessons in confidence building, achievement, health, fitness, and environmental awareness through the development of practical skills and the simple act of having fun. We take our youth on mountain biking trips all over the Bay Area, help advocate for more open space in our community, and host a bike rodeo every year for the North Fair Oaks community. We also have a weekly advocacy class that helps our youth learn about local parks in our county.

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This league was created by three community leaders who saw the need to provide a sacred fitness space for teens and transition age youth ages 18-24 to play basketball and gain mentorship. The idea was enhanced after a community basketball game with the San Mateo County Sheriffs department. Upon brainstorming and strategizing with the youth and adult mentors the league was born in Spring of 2018.

Each team has a captain and co-captain adult mentor and they help govern the team by practicing guidance and support systems. The league provides jerseys, stats, and refs. Through this league, we provide a low cost opportunity for youth and adult allies to enrich the community.

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